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Sports and Events

new2019 Official Rules Book

Individuals compete for awards in their own sex and age category within five year increments (50-54, 55-59, 60-64,65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90-94, 95-99, 100+).

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Sources for Senior Games Sports Equipment

 State Finals Official Sports and Events                    

Field Events
Discus Throw
Shot Put
Standing Long Jump
Running Long Jump

Individual Activities

Archery - Recurve Bare Bow
Archery - Recurve w/site
Archery - Recurve w/site and Release Aid
Archery - Compound Bare Bow
Archery - Compound w/site
Archery - Compound w/site and Release Aid
Basketball Shooting
Bowling Singles
Bowling Doubles
Bowling Mixed Doubles
Cycling - 1 Mile
Cycling - 5K
Cycling - 10K
Football Throw
Softball Throw


50 Yd. Backstroke
100 Yd. Backstroke
200 Yd. Backstroke

50 Yd. Breaststroke
100 Yd. Breaststroke
200 Yd. Breaststroke

50 Yd. Butterfly
100 Yd. Butterfly
200 Yd. Butterfly

50 Yd. Freestyle
100 Yd. Freestyle
200 Yd. Freestyle
500 Yd. Freestyle

100 Yd. Individual Medley
200 Yd. Individual Medley
400 Yd. Individual Medley

2017 State Finals Archery

Tournament Sports
Badminton Singles
Badminton Doubles
Badminton Mixed Doubles
Pickleball Doubles
Pickleball Mixed Doubles
Table Tennis Singles
Table Tennis Doubles
Table Tennis Mixed Doubles
Tennis Singles
Tennis Doubles
Tennis Mixed Doubles

Road Races
5k Run
10k Run
1500 Meter Race Walk
5K Race Walk
1500 Meter Run
800 Meter Run
400 Meter Dash
200 Meter Dash
100 Meter Dash
50 Meter Dash
SilverStriders Fun Walk
Team Sports
Basketball Tournament
Softball Tournament

SilverArts (Click here for more SilverArts Info)
Heritage Arts
Literary Arts
Visual Arts
Performing Arts

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